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What size skip bin do I need?

This is actually the most common question we get asked and in most cases is rather difficult to answer without being able to actually see what will be going in the skip bin.
Firstly, understand that a cubic metre is a measure of volume and is how we in the industry describe our skip bins.
If you can visualize a cube one metre by one metre by one metre you will have some idea what one cubic metre looks like. Two cubic metres would be one metre by one metre by two metres and four cubic metres would be one metre by two metres by two metres. Some people mistakenly believe that two cubic metres is two metres by two metres by two metres and four cubic metres is four metres by four metres by four metres when these would actually be equivalent to 8 cubic metres and 64 cubic metres respectively.
To help you work out the correct bin size look at our Bin Size page which has a visual comparison of the different size bins against a person and the equivalent volume in wheelie bins and box trailer loads.
If you are unsure of the correct size to order it is best to err on the larger side.

I am putting excavated material in the bin how do I work out what size I need to order?

If excavated material is going in the skip bin, work out the volume of the excavation and allow an extra 25% for loosening of the material during the excavation process. One cubic metre of loose dry soil will weigh about 1.5 tons. Wet material will weigh about 20% more.

I am putting demolished block work in the bin how do I work out what size I need to order?

If demolished block work is going in the bin you can work out the volume of the wall being demolished and multiply by 1.5 to allow for the looseness of the load, so if the volume of the wall was 2 cubic metres you would need a three cubic metre skip bin. One cubic metre of loose broken block will weigh about 1.25 ton or 1.5 ton if core filled.

I am putting broken up concrete in the bin how do I work out what size I need to order?

If old concrete paths, driveways or floors are going in the bin you can work out the volume of the concrete. One cubic metre of solid concrete will weigh about 2.4 tons. Again you will have to allow for looseness in loading by a factor of about 1.5. So if you had four cubic metres of concrete in slab you would have about 6 cubic metres of loaded material which while it might fit in a six cubic metre skip bin would exceed the allowable load for the truck which is 6 tons, so you would be best to get two four cubic metre skip bins.

Do all skip bins have wheel barrow access doors?

No. The two and three cubic metre skip bins do not have doors, only the four and six cubic metre skip bins have doors.

How does location influence the cost of bins?

There are essentially three components of the cost of hiring a skip bin-
Hire of the bin itself – there is a small daily charge for the hire of the bin itself. The daily amount will vary depending on the size of the bin.
Hire of the truck and driver delivering and emptying the bin – this constitutes a significant portion of the cost. It is expensive to run a skip truck and driver (currently between $1.10 and $1.15 per km), so the time and distance that we need to travel to deliver and retrieve the bin will have a significant influence on the cost. The further we have to travel to do the job the greater will be the cost.
Cost of disposal – This is the largest portion of the cost and will vary depending on the type of waste and the location. There are a number of different disposal facilities that we use and their costs are not all the same.

How do I order a skip bin?

You can book online on or call our friendly staff on 07 4054 7344 or Freecall 1800 678 148.

Why do you need to know what type of waste will be in the skip and what suburb it will be getting delivered to?

There are often a number of options with regards to disposing of the contents of skip bins so the location of the bin and the contents will have a strong bearing on the cost of the skip bin. Firstly, the cost of different disposal or recycling options will vary, then secondly, the distance that we have to travel will determine the eventual cost of the bin.

How soon after I order a skip bin can it be delivered?

This will depend on what suburb you want the skip delivered to, but provided you order the bin before midday it can usually be delivered the same day.

What methods of payment may be used?

If you order your bin over the phone you can pay the driver by cash or cheque on delivery or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card over the phone at the time of order, or by direct deposit to our nominated bank account prior to delivery. If you are ordering using our secure website you can pay by credit card.

Will I have a specific time of delivery?

We do not guarantee delivery or pickup times unless specifically arranged beforehand. While we are in the business of removing rubbish, in order to do that efficiently we need to minimize our distance travelled, so skip bin delivery and skip pick up runs will be done in a sequence that makes logistical sense. If you require a skip bin to be on site first thing in the morning it is best to get it delivered the day before, if that is at all possible. You can specify an AM or a PM delivery but that is as specific as we can get.

Where is the best place to put the skip bin?

The best position for the skip bin will be determined in part by what you want to put into the skip bin, but wherever possible it is better to have your skip bin located within your property boundary rather than on public land such as the footpath or nature strip. A lot of people don’t want to have to park their car out on the street while a skip bin is in their driveway, but considering the possibilities it is far safer than having the skip bin placed on the footpath or even on the road if that is permitted by the Council and/or Police.

Can the skip bin be placed on the road or in council controlled areas?

Not without council and/or Police approval. If you want to place a bin in these council controlled areas you will first need to obtain a permit from the Cairns Regional Council and Fax or Email a copy of the permit to our office prior to delivery. The recommended contact at the Council is the Licensing and Approvals Unit by phone 4044 3317 or by email [email protected] If the skip bin is to be placed in a regulated parking area additional requirements and charges may apply. In any case the Council should be approached, and permits obtained prior to ordering the skip bin.

How should I prepare for the delivery of the skip bin?

First and foremost you need to realize that the truck delivering the skip bin is considerably larger than a car and much less manoeuvrable. The site you have chosen for the skip bin needs to be clear and as level as possible with good access on both the day of delivery and the day of pickup. The truck itself is 2.5 metres wide plus an additional metre to allow for the mirrors on each side, so the driver will need a minimum of 3.5 metres to be able to reverse in and deliver your skip bin. In addition to the width of access you also need to consider the height of access. To be able to unload the skip bin the lifting arms of the truck need to be able to come over, so there must be at least 5 metres of clear space above the delivery spot and 4 metres in accessing that spot. So make sure that the site chosen for delivery does not have tree branches, power lines building eaves or other overhead obstacles. If at all possible, be present for the delivery so that you can talk to the driver about the placement of the skip bin, but if that is not possible at least be contactable, so that the driver can discuss the options with you once he sees the site.

What are the dimensions of the truck that will deliver the Skip Bin?

The truck delivering the skip bin is-
• 3.5m wide to the outside of the mirrors.
• 7.8 m long
• folded arms are 3.8m high
• extended arms are 5m high

Can I move the skip bin from where it is placed?

When the bin was delivered the driver will have tried to place the bin as per your instructions having taken into consideration all the aspects of the site including hazards from overhead power lines or tree branches, ground slope, utility access, disruption to, and safety of, passing traffic during the unloading process, possible damage to infrastructure such as road kerbing, driveways, fences, gates and lawns and gardens. Moving the skip bin may put in jeopardy any of these factors and make the retrieval of the skip dangerous or indeed impossible. Moving the skip bin without the specialized equipment required to lift it may also damage the skip bin, and the cost of any repair of damage to the skip bin while on hire to you will be charged to you. If the skip bin has been moved and we are unable to retrieve it safely you will be required to reposition it so we can safely retrieve it even if that involves the expense of crane hire and/or emptying and reloading the skip bin.

I am getting a bobcat to fill the skip. Is there anything special that I should do?

Bobcat operators have a reputation for firstly moving the skip before filling it, and secondly, overfilling. They often move the bin to make it easier to load, which is not so good from our point of view and often makes it difficult or even impossible to pick up again. Since the bobcat is usually used to load heavier material the operator often does not know when to stop and can make the bin to heavy to pick up. Remember you are responsible for the bin and the load in it. If it has been moved or is over full there will be additional charges. We don’t want that and nor do you.

Who is responsible for the bin once it has been delivered?

The person or entity hiring the skip bin is responsible for the skip bin up until the skip bin is again loaded onto a truck. Of particular note is the public liability if somebody is injured by the skip bin or something is damaged by the skip bin. If the skip bin is located on your property it will usually be covered by your household public liability insurance. If located on public land the situation can become a bit hazy and your household insurance may not cover you, in which case you would be personally liable for any third party injury or damage.
The security of the contents of the skip bin are also the responsibility of the hirer. Any additional charges incurred as a result of the bin being filled incorrectly or containing prohibited materials will be passed onto the hirer as per our terms and conditions.

How much can I put in the skip bin?

You cannot fill beyond the confines of the bin. If bin is loaded beyond the height of the side it is overloaded. Overloaded skip bins are a hazard to the operator, the equipment and other road users.
While a skip bin may, physically not look overloaded it can still be overloaded because of weight. The allowable load in any one skip bin is 6 tons irrespective of the size of the skip bin, so if you are putting heavy material in the bin you need to seriously consider the weight limitations.

What will happen if the skip bin is overloaded?

If the skip bin is only slightly overloaded the driver may remove some of the contents and leave them at the site. If the skip bin is grossly overloaded you will be contacted and advised of ways to rectify the situation. Under no circumstances will an overloaded skip bin be picked up and taken on a public road.

There are some things which can’t be put into skip bins. What are they?

• Food waste.
• Paints, oils, chemicals and solvents.
• Car, truck, tractor or boat batteries.
• Car, truck and tractor tyres.
• Fibro or asbestos.
• Gas cylinders.

I have some dry paint. I have heard that dry paint can be put in skip bins. Is that right?

If the paint is in a container and has completely dried out it can be put in the skip. Some people will actually take the lid off a paint container and let it dry for a few months before putting it in a skip. You can also pour the paint over old rags or absorbent paper or cardboard, let it dry then put it in the skip.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate mineral made up of thin fibrous crystals, which are themselves composed of microscopic fibrils which can be broken off and released by abrasive actions. The mineral has amazing isolative properties and is resistant to damage by heat. The fibre like structure of the mineral also makes it useful as a strengthening agent in some plastics, clays, cements and plasters. Its combined properties of strength and insulation, and relative abundance and ease of mining lead to its widespread use as a building product.
It is now known however that inhalation of asbestos fibres can cause serious and often fatal illnesses such as lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma and that the symptoms of these illnesses may not appear until decades after exposure.

Useful links for more information about asbestos –

What is fibro?

Fibre cement sheet, commonly called fibro, manufactured prior to 1990 has the potential to contain asbestos. If you own a building constructed before 1990 and it contains cement sheet products it may contain asbestos and should be treated with suspicion.
Sometimes the sheets will have “Does Not Contain Asbestos” stamped on the back of them. If they don’t you can get them tested or just treat them as if they do contain asbestos to be on the safe side.

When will you pick up my skip bin?

The length of time that you will have to fill the skip bin will have been agreed upon at the time of order and will have, in part, determined the price of the bin. The skip bin must be ready for pick up at 7AM on the agreed day of pick up. When calculating the price of the skip bin we don’t count the day of delivery or the day of pick up as being in the rental period. Please do not tell the driver that the bin was delivered in the afternoon and since it is still morning you are entitled to have the bin for a few more hours.

Can I extend the length of time I have to fill the skip bin once it has been delivered?

Yes, just call our staff prior to the day of pick up and arrange a new pickup date. This may incur an additional small charge but if you wait until the truck arrives to pick the bin up before asking to keep the skip bin for longer you will be charged for the wasted trip and in some cases (if we are short of bins) may not even be able to extend the pickup date.

Can I have my skip bin picked up before the arranged date?

Yes, just call our office and we will change the status of your bin to “ready for pickup”, in which case we will factor it into our next run to your area. There is no refund of unused rental.

What are Electric Ants and Yellow Crazy Ants?

These are serious foreign, invasive ant species which unfortunately, now inhabit parts of our service area. If they are present in a particular area there will be movement restrictions imposed on certain materials and equipment. Skip bins are classed as at risk equipment. More information on these pests and full details of areas of infestation some useful links are

I want to hire a skip bin but live in a Movement Restriction Zone because of Electric Ants or Yellow Crazy Ants. What should I do?

If you live in an area of movement restriction you should advise us when you order your skip bin. We will arrange with Bio-security Queensland to have your skip inspected and/or treated prior to pick up. There is no additional cost.

What happens if a cyclone is coming?

This is a problem unique to northern Australia. From the moment a cyclone appears to be likely to approach out vicinity we are taking steps to be prepared. We will empty as many of the bins out on hire as we possibly can, but sometimes the hirer will need to take action to secure the contents of the bin.

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