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Queensland Government Waste Levy Introduction.

Bin prices will increase for bins dumped after the end of June 2019. On the 21stMarch 2019 the Queensland Waste Reduction and Recycling (Waste Levy) Amendment Regulation 2019 was approved by State Parliament, paving the way for the re-introduction of a waste levy in Queensland. The Waste Levy will come into force from 1st July 2019 and is initially set at $75 per tonne plus GST, effectively increasing bin prices by $82.50 per tonne of content from that date.

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For skip bin hire simply enter the size of the skip bin you require, your waste type, your desired delivery and pickup dates and your suburb into the fields in the Quick Quote skip bin hire booking form and an instant quotation will be generated. If you wish to proceed with the booking simply press the Click To Book button and follow the instructions.

Bin Sizes

It can be difficult to visualise the difference between the different skip bin sizes, which are given in cubic metres. Please use the list below of  bin types that are available to assist you in making the right choice...

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Service Areas

We service the locations listed here and the price for a skip bin in these locations will be available through our free online quote service. For skip bin prices at locations outside these areas please contact our friendly office staff...

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Waste Types

Correct waste identification is vital to ensure you are not hit with over allowance charges when the bin is picked up. The driver will assess the weight of each bin at pick-up. Over-weight bins and incorrectly identified waste will attract additional charges...

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Recycling and Reduction Process

Our rubbish removal reduction process has developed from a desire to reduce the volume of materials going into landfill. Landfill sites are filling at an alarming rate and the only
way to reduce this is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Rubbish removal from your site is only the first step in the waste reduction process. Depending on the contents of the bin and the location the driver will determine whether the content of the bin makes it suitable for sorting or direction away from landfill.

Materials which are currently suitable for reduction and recycling include all sorts of metals, clean un-contaminated vegetation, clean, vegetation and rubbish free soil from excavations and depending on the availability of a market, clean concrete which can be crushed and recycled.

At the moment approximately 10% of our collected waste is diverted away from landfill by our reduction and recycling process. We estimate that the amount of our waste stream going to landfill sites can eventually be reduced by as much as 85-90%. Unfortunately the rate of progress towards this target is entirely dependent on the relative economics of the reduction and recycling process when compared with the cost of waste disposal at landfill sites. In plain speak this means, as the cost of landfill increases more material can and will be economically recycled. We are continually on the lookout for processes and alternate uses, to increase our rate of recycling and reduction.

Why Choose Norhire?

Service and Reliability

From day one our aim has been to provide a friendly, professional and cost effective waste management service with particular emphasis placed on the reliability and timeliness of service. If you use our service you can be assured that what we say we will do, will be done and it will be done as promised.

Safety and Insurance

We are concerned about the safety of our workforce, our customers and the general public and have in place rigorous operating procedures, protocols and work methods to mitigate against known and suspected risks. Should the worst happen however, we carry comprehensive Public Liability Insurance cover and are fully compliant with Workers Compensation requirements.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal

At Norhire we care about the environment and the impact human activity is having on our planet. We are continually looking at recycling options for our waste stream. Rather than simply taking everything to landfill, we seek to reduce and recycle as much as we can. New possibilities for recycling are presenting themselves continuously and we seek to exploit these options when it is feasible, so we can reduce the cost, both to our customers and to the environment.